Get the Hook

Introducing Muriel Coronella

Maxwell House – Vacation

Chevrolet – Aspen Waltz

Lilt Home Perm

Pepperidge Farm – Square Dance


Kinney Shoes – Summer Casuals

Maxwell House

Kinney Shoes – Aunt Tillie Summer

H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N Macabre

Nelson Rockefeller Campaign

Stuart Holmes for Men

Zest Soap

Kinney Shoes – Grab Your Hat

Maxwell House – Perky People

Cars ’62

Flings Pizzicato

Maxwell House – More WW’s

Death of Vaudeville

Kitten in a Basket

Flag Day

Red Rhubarb

Pepsi Cola

Hum Detergent

Kinney Shoes – Just for the Fun of It

Yuban Coffee

Kinney Line

Newport Cigarettes

Maxwell House – Father’s Story

Square Dance

Wade’s Requiem
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Track Listing
Track Listing
track listing
track listing

CD Covers and Track Listings


Maxwell House – Honeymoon

Maxwell House – My Wife The Crew

US Steel – Clothesline Concerto

Westing House

Old Gold Perfect Marriage

Kinney Shoes – Kids and Kinney

Arbor Day

Prime Dog Food

Pepperidge Farm – Cherry Pie

US Steel

Kinney March

Borden Ice Cream

Kinney Shoes – Easter Animation

Color Plus

Maxwell House – Moving Day

New Pink Wondra

Maxwell House – Horn and Woodwinds

Tide – Jubilee

Reward Detergent

Kinney Shoes – What Do You Look For


Kinney Shoes – Tis the Season

Maxwell House – Anniversary Waltz

Color Plus


Ragtime Fiddlers

Maxwell House – Housewarming Rock and Roll Party

Franco American Line

Ajax Tango


Muriel Panatela Extra

Chevrolet – Free as the Wind

Campbell’s #2

Pandora Opens the Box

Kinney Shoes – Easter Bunny

Shick – ‘Lectric Shave 2

Clear & Lovely

Five Naughty Mugwumps

Spunmist Beauty Tissues

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

Guess What I Am?


Purdpe Goatee

Borden Products

Maxwell House – Vacation (Music Only)

Duncan Hines Queenly Chiffon

US Steel – Soft Drinks in Cans


Thanksgiving Day

What Can We Do?

Maxwell House – Engaged Couple

Introducing Muriel Coronella

US Steel – Beach

Armstrong One Step


Muriel Shapes

Maxwell House – Hypnotic

Burlington Mills Bolero

Kinney Shoes – Summertime Living

Ivory Liquid Detergent

Kinney Shoes – Gifts They Will Remember

Fun in Fall

US Steel 63 Range


Our Marching Band

Maxwell House – Tagis

Maxwell House Western Blend