Kinney Shoes – Sun’s Out Summer’s In

Fun in Fall

Maxwell House – Housewarming Rock and Roll Party

Pepperidge Farm – Berries

Kinney Shoes – Christmas Shopping

Maxwell House – Baby

Newport Cigarettes

Campbell’s Soup


Pictures from the Recording Studio

Square Dance


Schick ‘Lectric Shave

Kinney Shoes – Aunt Tillie Summer

Kinney Shoes – Do Your Christmas Shopping

Look Around, It’s Autumn

Pepperidge Farm – Peach Pie

Flag Day

Kinney Shoes – Easter Animation

Clear & Lovely

Stud Polka

Chevrolet – Body Springs

Soft Drinks in Cans

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

Boy Crazy

Introducing Muriel Coronella

Five Naughty Mugwumps

Kinney Shoes – What Do You Look For

Pepsi Cola

Stuck on her Broomstick

Borden Products

Cameo Stockings – Runs and Snags

Duncan Hines Queenly Chiffon

Maxwell House – Baroque


Duncan Hines Cherry Supreme

About this site…

My grandfather, Wade Denning, composed and arranged music for a variety of brands, commercials, tv shows, and his own albums.  You might recognize some of the music on this site; the Maxwell House theme, the H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N song that lots of kids grew up singing.  Before he passed away in 2007, he complied these clips from reels and reels of music in his basement.  Quality isn’t great in some cases, and there’s a blip in one of the videos where it looks like he tried to record the evening news, but it’s all generally awesome stuff.  Oh, and I don’t pretend to own any of this, or know anything about copyright – leave comment if you’d like something removed and have a valid reason.

Tip Top Fresh Whipt

One Thirty Polka

Pepperidge Farm – Cookies

New Pink Wondra


Kinney Shoes – Heel and Toe

US Steel

Maxwell House – Vacation (Music Only)

Kitten in a Basket

Toy Shop

Chocolate Mint Cake Mix

Lucky Whip

Kinney Shoes – What’s the Name of the Store

Pepperidge Farm – Cherry Pie

Borden Ice Cream

Maxwell House – Honeymoon

Maxwell House – Housewarming Bossa Nova

Kinney March

Minute Rub

Ragtime Fiddlers

Duncan Hines Golden Maple

Franco American Pirates

Mueller’s Bride

US Steel – Buying a New Car

Reward Detergent

Franco American Line

Dutch Boy Nalplex


Campbell’s #2

US Steel Garden Furniture

Land of Dolls

Diamond Crystals – Trumpets

Duncan Hines Maple Sugar

Ajax Tango

US Steel – Beach

Flings – Kick Up Your Heels

Zest Soap

Kinney Shoes – Grab Your Hat

Good Seasons Shake

Maxwell House – More WW’s


Noah’s Ark

Maxwell House – My Wife The Crew

Maxwell House – Violin and Harp

Purdpe Goatee

Wade’s Requiem
Track Listing
Track Listing
Track Listing
track listing
track listing

CD Covers and Track Listings

Kinney Line

Maxwell House – Moving Day

Mueller’s Egg Noodles

Maxwell House – Horn and Woodwinds

Pandora Opens the Box

Armed Forces Day

Spunmist Facial Tissues

Betty Crocker – Cake Mix

Kinney Shoes – Summertime Living

Dove – Telephone

Maxwell House – New Hat

BF Goodrich Which Safety

Change Partners

Flings – Keep His Eyes On You


US Steel – Clothesline Concerto

Kinney Shoes – Mama!