Pepperidge Farm – Square Dance

Zest Soap

Red Rhubarb

Pepperidge Farm – Cookies

Daylight Savings Time

Narranganset Picnic

Kinney Shoes – Dixieland

US Steel – Buying a New Car

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

Tip Top Fresh Whipt

Westing House

Flings Pizzicato

Maxwell House – Nostalgia

Kinney Shoes – Summer


Kitten in a Basket



Flings – Keep His Eyes On You

Firestone Truck Tires


Pictures from the Recording Studio

Maxwell House – Anniversary Waltz

Kinney March

H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N Macabre

Fun in Spring

Duncan Hines Golden Maple

Who Am I?

Pepsi Cola

Burnt Sugar Cake Mix

Kinney Shoes – Christmas Shopping

Death of Vaudeville

Kinney Shoes – Step Up To Quality

Kinney Shoes – Do Your Christmas Shopping

Maxwell House – Father’s Story

Pepperidge Farm – Peach Pie

Arbor Day

Cars ’62

Land of Dolls

Ajax Tango

Kinney Shoes – Wherever You’re Going

Farm Fresh Canon

What Can We Do?

Maxwell House – Vacation

Coke for Christmas

Thanksgiving Day

Slow Train

Change Partners

Mueller’s Egg Noodles

Newport Cigarettes

Duncan Hines Queenly Chiffon

US Steel – Soft Drinks in Cans

US Steel – Beach

5th Avenue with Almonds

Maxwell House – Anniversary (Trombones)

Our Marching Band

Duncan Hines Angel Food

Lilt Home Perm

Burlington Mills Bolero

Maxwell House – Horn and Woodwinds

Narragansett Beer

Two Little Squirrels

1-2-3-4 Rock

Soft Drinks in Cans


Crisco Oil – Soybean


Hum Detergent

Maxwell House – Honeymoon

Kinney Shoes – Summer Casuals

Spunmist Beauty Tissues

Maxwell House – Sound of Ground

Kinney Shoes – Easter Animation

Duncan Hines Maple Sugar

Maxwell House – Baby

Armed Forces Day

Beechnut Tobacco

Kinney Shoes – What Do You Look For


Maxwell House – Baroque

Clear & Lovely

Lucky Whip

Borden Ice Cream

Ragtime Fiddlers

Lady Borden Ice Cream

Square Dance

Kinney Shoes – Summertime Living

Kinney Shoes – Tis the Season

Flag Day

Kinney Shoes – What’s the Name of the Store

Maxwell House – Housewarming Rock and Roll Party

Stud Polka

Tandem Shampoo

Maxwell House – Housewarming Bossa Nova

Pepperidge Farm – Berries

Campbell’s Soup & Sandwich


Toy Shop

Kinney Shoes – Go Go World

Night in Paris

Guess What I Am?