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wade denning

1-2-3-4 Rock

Borden Ice Cream

Maxwell House – Hypnotic


Boy Crazy

Kinney Shoes – Summer

Sailing Flake

Mueller’s Bride

Pepperidge Farm – Bread

Chevrolet – Aspen Waltz

Arbor Day

Franco American Pirates

Introducing Muriel Coronella


Muriel Coronella

Panic Number 1

US Steel Garden Furniture

Cameo Stockings – Runs and Snags

Kinney Shoes – Just for the Fun of It

Maxwell House – Violin and Harp

Daylight Savings Time

Kinney Shoes – Easter Bunny

Duncan Hines Maple Sugar

One Thirty Polka

Zest Soap

Good Seasons Shake


V8 Spanish

Reward Detergent

Stuck on her Broomstick

Get the Hook

Five Naughty Mugwumps

Dutch Boy Nalplex

Pepperidge Farm – Square Dance

Maxwell House – Honeymoon

Farm Fresh Canon

Look Around, It’s Autumn

Kinney Shoes – Aunt Tillie Christmas


Thanksgiving Day

Pepperidge Farm – Berries

Kinney Shoes – What’s the Name of the Store


Prime Dog Food

Burnt Sugar Cake Mix

Coke for Christmas

Flings – Keep His Eyes On You

Maxwell House

Kinney Shoes – Tis the Season

Stuart Holmes for Men

Dove – Telephone

Color Plus

Maxwell House – Anniversary Waltz

Cars ’62

Muriel Panatela Extra

Pepperidge Farm – Apple Pie

Kinney Shoes – Wherever You’re Going

Schick ‘Lectric Shave

Pepperidge Farm – Cherry Pie

Mueller’s Egg Noodles

Hojo Cola

Maxwell House – Vacation (Music Only)

Night in Paris

Kinney March

Crisco Oil – Soybean

Lady Borden Ice Cream

Maxwell House – Engaged Couple

What Can We Do?

Kinney Shoes – Heel and Toe

Soft Drinks in Cans

Shick – ‘Lectric Shave 2

Maxwell House – New Hat

Kinney Shoes – Christmas Shopping

Maxwell House – First Flight

Our Marching Band

Maxwell House – Housewarming Bossa Nova

Hum Detergent


US Steel – Buying a New Car

Kinney Shoes – Go Where the Action Is

Party Tyme

Lilt Home Perm

BF Goodrich Which Safety

Maxwell House – Moving Day

Maxwell House – My Wife The Crew

Newport Cigarettes

Chocolate Mint Cake Mix

Square Dance

Maxwell House Western Blend

Kinney Shoes – Come to Kinney

Firestone Truck Tires

Red Rhubarb

Flag Day

Spun Mist

Maxwell House – Vacation

Tip Top Fresh Whipt

Beechnut Tobacco

Maxwell House – Perky People

Toy Shop

Kinney Shoes – Go Go World