Tip Top Fresh Whipt

Campbell’s #2

Lilt Home Perm

BF Goodrich Which Safety

Newport Cigarettes


Flings Pizzicato

Kinney Shoes for Everyone


Duncan Hines Maple Sugar

Maxwell House – Vacation (Music Only)

Campbell’s Soup & Sandwich

US Steel

Two Little Squirrels

Tandem Shampoo

Maxwell House – Tagis

Kinney Shoes – Heel and Toe

Maxwell House – Housewarming Rock and Roll Party

Maxwell House – Perky People

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

Campbell’s Soup

Pepperidge Farm – Cookies

Tandem Shampoo

Kinney Shoes – Grab Your Hat

H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N Macabre

Narragansett Beer

Hojo Cola

Westing House

Franco American Line


Party Tyme

Kinney Shoes – Just for the Fun of It

Maxwell House – Horn and Woodwinds

Introducing Muriel Coronella

Lucky Whip

Kinney Shoes – Aunt Tillie Christmas

Farm Fresh Canon

Ajax Tango

US Steel – Buying a New Car

Look Around, It’s Autumn

Kinney Shoes – What’s the Name of the Store

V8 Spanish

Duncan Hines Angel Food


Muriel Coronella

Five Naughty Mugwumps

Boy Crazy

Flings – Keep His Eyes On You


Stud Polka

1-2-3-4 Rock

Cameo Stockings – Runs and Snags

Daylight Savings Time



US Steel – Clothesline Concerto

Old Gold Perfect Marriage

Kinney Shoes – Step Up To Quality

Pepperidge Farm – Bread

Maxwell House – Sound of Ground

Kinney Shoes – Come to Kinney

Kinney Shoes – Wherever You’re Going

Stuart Holmes for Men

What Can We Do?

Maxwell House – First Flight

Get the Hook

Beechnut Tobacco

Kinney Shoes – Mama!

Ragtime Fiddlers

Square Dance

Maxwell House – Baby

Maxwell House – Baroque

Maxwell House – Nostalgia

Maxwell House – More WW’s

Kinney Shoes

Kinney Shoes – Go Where the Action Is

Kinney Shoes – Aunt Tillie Summer

Flings – Sales Meeting

Pepperidge Farm – Cherry Pie

Change Partners

Minute Rub

New Pink Wondra

Good Seasons Shake

Sailing Flake

Land of Dolls

Death of Vaudeville

Spunmist Beauty Tissues

Kinney Shoes – Christmas Shopping

Borden Ice Cream

Maxwell House – Honeymoon

Schick ‘Lectric Shave

Maxwell House – Hypnotic

Maxwell House – Father’s Story

Kitten in a Basket

Color Plus

Muriel Shapes

Maxwell House – Anniversary Waltz

Flag Day


Purdpe Goatee