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wade denning

Kinney Shoes – Step Up To Quality

Stuart Holmes for Men

Diamond Crystals – Trumpets

Kinney Shoes for Everyone

Kinney Shoes – Summer Casuals

Pepperidge Farm – Cookies

Panic Number 1

Maxwell House

Borden Ice Cream

Ajax Tango

Toy Shop

Party Tyme

Flings – Kick Up Your Heels

Kinney Shoes – Aunt Tillie Summer

Maxwell House – Hypnotic

Kinney Shoes – Summer

Ted Black Orchestra Theme Song

US Steel – Beach

Kinney Shoes – What Do You Look For

Beechnut Tobacco

Fun in Fall

Kinney Shoes – What’s the Name of the Store

Mueller’s Egg Noodles

H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N Macabre

Our Marching Band

Hum Detergent


Sailing Flake

Kinney Shoes – Tis the Season

Soft Drinks in Cans

Minute Rub

Pizzicato Party

Maxwell House – Anniversary Waltz

Maxwell House – More WW’s

Maxwell House – Nostalgia

Pepperidge Farm – Square Dance

US Steel 63 Range

Maxwell House – Anniversary (Trombones)

Armed Forces Day

Spun Mist

Franco American Pirates

Kinney Line

Kinney Shoes – Sun’s Out Summer’s In

Flag Day

New Pink Wondra

Color Plus

Kinney Shoes – Grab Your Hat

Cameo Stockings – Runs and Snags

Kinney Shoes – Just for the Fun of It

Chevrolet – Free as the Wind

Borden Products

Burnt Sugar Cake Mix


Color Plus

Slow Train

Lucky Whip

Kinney Shoes – Easter Bunny

Duncan Hines Cherry Supreme

Maxwell House – Baroque

Ragtime Fiddlers

Newport Cigarettes

Westing House

Square Dance

Maxwell House – Violin and Harp

Kinney Shoes – Wherever You’re Going

US Steel – Soft Drinks in Cans

Stuck on her Broomstick

Kinney Shoes – Summertime Living

Maxwell House – Engaged Couple


Five Naughty Mugwumps

Pepperidge Farm – Berries


Maxwell House – My Wife The Crew

Two Little Squirrels

Maxwell House – Moving Day

Lilt Home Perm

Zest Soap

Schick ‘Lectric Shave

Pepperidge Farm – Cherry Pie

Shick – ‘Lectric Shave 2

Kinney Shoes – Kids and Kinney

Franco American Line

Who Am I?

Kinney Shoes – Mama!

Dutch Boy Nalplex

Muriel Panatela Extra

US Steel – Buying a New Car

Introducing Muriel Coronella

Maxwell House – Baby


Pictures from the Recording Studio

Red Rhubarb


Spunmist Beauty Tissues

Tip Top Fresh Whipt

Daylight Savings Time

Tandem Shampoo


Mueller’s Bride

Maxwell House – Housewarming Rock and Roll Party