Kinney Shoes – Easter Animation

Thanksgiving Day

Maxwell House – Baby


Kinney Shoes – Dixieland

Maxwell House – New Hat



Kinney Shoes – Enzel of Paris

Chevrolet – Aspen Waltz

Daylight Savings Time

Land of Dolls

Kinney Shoes – Heel and Toe

Ragtime Fiddlers

Reward Detergent

Kitten in a Basket

Campbell’s Soup

Color Plus

Duncan Hines Golden Maple

Armed Forces Day

Zest Soap

Lady Borden Ice Cream

New Pink Wondra

Kinney Shoes – Easter Bunny


Pictures from the Recording Studio

Flag Day



Hum Detergent

Kinney Shoes – Gifts They Will Remember

Kinney Shoes – Summer


Chevrolet – Body Springs

Maxwell House – Vacation (Music Only)


Pepperidge Farm – Bread

H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N Macabre

5th Avenue with Almonds

Ted Black Orchestra Theme Song

Maxwell House – Father’s Story

Kinney Shoes – What Do You Look For

Kinney Shoes – Just for the Fun of It

Spun Mist


Kinney Shoes – Kids and Kinney

Yuban Coffee

US Steel – Buying a New Car

Color Plus

Hojo Cola

Night in Paris

Five Naughty Mugwumps

Duncan Hines Angel Food

US Steel Garden Furniture

Mueller’s Egg Noodles

Two Little Squirrels

Arbor Day

What Can We Do?

Stuart Holmes for Men

Get the Hook

Tandem Shampoo

Kinney Shoes – Do Your Christmas Shopping

Betty Crocker – Cake Mix

Maxwell House – Anniversary (Trombones)

Maxwell House – First Flight

Maxwell House – Nostalgia


Crisco Oil – Soybean

Maxwell House – Tagis

Cameo Stockings – Runs and Snags

Noah’s Ark

Diamond Crystals – Trumpets

Kinney Shoes – Summer Casuals

Coke for Christmas

Pepsi Cola

Kinney Shoes – Christmas Shopping

Spunmist Beauty Tissues


US Steel – Beach

Maxwell House – Perky People

Westing House

Nelson Rockefeller Campaign

Flings – Keep His Eyes On You

Maxwell House – Housewarming Rock and Roll Party

Kinney Shoes – Mama!

Prime Dog Food

Lilt Home Perm

Campbell’s #2

Maxwell House – Violin and Harp

Maxwell House – Vacation

Dove – Telephone

Kinney Shoes

Maxwell House – More WW’s

Maxwell House – Horn and Woodwinds

Narragansett Beer


Kinney Shoes – What’s the Name of the Store

US Steel 63 Range

1-2-3-4 Rock

Kinney Shoes – Grab Your Hat

Clear & Lovely